Once Upon A Kik | Phan

Once Upon A Kik | Phan

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Willow Angel By Willow_Angel Updated Nov 11

Dan didn't know what the heck possessed him to download kik onto his phone that day.

Nor did he know that downloading that app would do so much more than take up space on his phone.


Book One in the "YOU HAVE A MESSAGE" series.

Laimura Laimura Oct 08
me: *starts sobbing*
                              someone: what are you doing
                              me: *starts singing* without the internet we never would have met *breaks down crying*
                              ...I'll leave
Okay okay, I'll tell you why I said my description of the taste of skin. It's bc I tend to lick my arm when I'm bored... IM SORRY I HAVE A PROBLEM
*drops phone* *crawls in corner* *sits in fetal position* *cries in the dark* *dies*
Or maybe you'll keep talking and eventually meet, then the next day shoot a cute video with cat whiskers drawn on your face and make the same type of video every year until Phil's soul is implemented into a tv remote sixteen years after his death... Maybe
I'm not saying the reference twice in one night so here's my description of what skin tastes like "really soggy salty hot chips (fries)" don't ask why.