Tony Stark's Daughter: Our Beloved Assassin ✅

Tony Stark's Daughter: Our Beloved Assassin ✅

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[Book #1 of Stark's Assassin Daughter]

This is no common Tony Stark's daughter book you've ever read.

This is not about a genius daughter following her father's ability.

This is about Hermione - or her real name is Helen. She's an assassin. She chose to be one. Why? Because she wants a revenge. On whom? Tony Stark, who'd left her at young age, made her watch her mother suicide herself at young age, made her thrown into a freaky orphanage at young age and made her adopted by a man who runs the assassin programme at the same young age.

One day, as her reward for being the Best Assassin of Her Age, she attended a concert to have fun, in which, she didn't know the Avengers had a plan to capture her there. Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers, Wanda Maximoff and, of course, Tony Stark, were assigned to capture Hermione.

Tony didn't know Hermione was his daughter, as her identity was sealed by the people Hermione was working with. So what happens when the secrets revealed?

I wonder what would happen if they weren't 1 direction tickets
Read TONY STARK'S DAUGHTER: THE BRAVE SOUL if you want to know why with the name 😊
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I can imagine Fury in a one direction T-shirt, and singing along while at a consert
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I'm trying to imagine them as teenagers when most have grey in there hair and have rinkles