My Elemental Princess ( Levi x Reader ) [ Too Lazy To Edit ]

My Elemental Princess ( Levi x Reader ) [ Too Lazy To Edit ]

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Xii-Chan By XGoldenRoze Completed

You..(Y/n)-Chan,Posess an ability,Which is commonly known as elements,Which are Fire,Water,Air,Earth,Lightning and most is Ying Yang( Dark and Light ) And Time,Why you ask? Because YOU are the Elemental Princess born from the other world and sent to Earth to help the humans with their huge problem.. But of course you have other friends such as Vinx(Water User),Skye(Air User),Nath(Earth User),Zach(Fire User),Jass(Dark User),Bella(Light User). They are you're friends as well as you're so called team. Well we shall see how you and you're fatefull partner will meet in this story in the first chapter~


The book's complete,And needs to be edited,BUT THE AUTHOR IS TOO LAZY TO DO IT XDD So she gave up.

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Why are all the guys on my team hot AF? GOD DAMN IT! I CAME HERE FOR LEVI!
He's hot... get it... fire... hot.... no..... okay... forever alone
Gimme that *throws it on one of my friends* You are now truly, Princess Princess Mew Mew
OMFG that is hot af. Kill me now. F u Levi. I like this dude now.
He is cute...( ͡⚆ل͜ ͡⚆) ok ok stop with that perverted mind