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Love is in the air. (jacksepticeye x reader x markiplier)

Love is in the air. (jacksepticeye x reader x markiplier)

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sansta By AgamerG1152 Completed

This is a markiplier x reader x jacksepticeye. Sorry if its not as good as you hoped. This will be my first book and I really hope you enjoy it.

Your talking to your beloved brother Felix over skype when a question pops into mind
'i wonder I I can meet his friends?'
You ask the blonde Swedish man if he can set somthing up for you and his friends to meet up. He didnt say when, but you had to unpack anyways. You start to unpack before hearing a loud scream next door. You rush to thier door and fling it open. You find the tall man very attractive, then he tells you his name.
Mark fischback.
Later on, he introduces you to Sean (jacksepticeye) and little did you know they would be battling for your love in only a week as you and your friends travel to (h/t) and hang out at your childhood house. Who will win your heart faster? Or will it be stolen by another stone cold fox?

Cute...also I like your profile pic Septiplierbiersack it's Anti
do you just have a jacksepticeeye x reader that has to do with reader being pewds sister
Even though your felixs sister and your a bada$$, NOTHING WILL STOP TTHE FANGRILINGG!!!!! 😂😂😂
headphonehowell headphonehowell Dec 14, 2016
                              Pheonix: oBJECTION
                              Me: stfu
                              Phoenix: ಠ_ಠ
palebutcute palebutcute May 07, 2016
Please credit the artist is youre going to use their art as a cover.
Yayatemflakes111223 Yayatemflakes111223 Oct 10, 2016
Anyone else have that horror movie commercial pop up with the screaming girl? Well that's me reading this chapter.