The Nerd

The Nerd

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Water and Fire, the two opposite elements, when combined, they become neutral. Similarly, love and hate, when mixed feelings, the fine line between them vanishes. However, with the showers of blessings, what will happen when both clashes together? Simple, the love overpowers the hate, forming an everlasting strong love relationship.

Rainie Stacey Brooke, the school's bully target, the nerd with the most disappointing academic grades. She gets laughed at, humiliated, teased by the popular clique and jocks in the entire school. 

Speaking of jocks, Jarrell Harris Watsons is the most popular jock player in school. He screws around, just for the sake of 'fun'. When both of them met under a rainy day, Rainie snatches the jock's umbrella, and that's when her life starts changing drastically.

It's a typical love story, with a pinch of cliché.

  • cliche
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Gorgeously_Beautiful Gorgeously_Beautiful Jul 18, 2017
Most likely his brother, half brother, or cousin...or just his best friend
scarlettcjohnson scarlettcjohnson Apr 11, 2017
Wait if it was the first day of school and they already got their report cards... how...why...what?....
Nakedpizza Nakedpizza Aug 14, 2017
Bella_Cruz250 Bella_Cruz250 Jul 12, 2017
My school don't care we either get in school, ISI, or detention
hawawar273 hawawar273 Nov 24, 2017
French is super easy ..... I say that that because I speak frenc (I live in Belgium (near france if you didn't know))
Gorgeously_Beautiful Gorgeously_Beautiful Jul 18, 2017
Why is she considered a nerd? That shouldn't define who you are. Ugh I hate labels, bitch I'm my own person.