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One More Chance: Cheater!Levi X Reader

One More Chance: Cheater!Levi X Reader

45.2K Reads 1.2K Votes 11 Part Story
👑Sass Queen 👑 By -Greenland Updated Feb 11

You and Levi are  in a relationship... A happy one until one faithful day 
While you were visiting him to work
When you saw him making out with his secretary , Petra ral 

This is the story of a very OoC Levi xD

Yo fam whats your last nam- oh okay brb *grabs Death note* BOI U FKED UP *writes his name down a thousand times* BOI GET RRRRREEEKKKKKKTTTT
sonamyorshadamy2015 sonamyorshadamy2015 Jul 08, 2016
Me:.......*puts up middle finger and walks out*
                              Friend: *middle finger*
                              Entire office: *middle finger*
                              World: *middle finger*
                              Me: Dem shoes ain't loyal.
Sky_Aphbosity40 Sky_Aphbosity40 Jul 06, 2016
Well ill just go date future Rogue from Fairy Tail hes hot to BYAA XD
Na_nash Na_nash Dec 20, 2016
Hmm =__= *grab Death Note* *Write the tree hugger's name and the cleaning fairy's name* Now,you can meet the Demon at hell *Smiling like a pyscho*
And what a strong beginning. Most people don't make the reader throw the slut down
neah_boo neah_boo Sep 01, 2016
Petra your sweet and all but... LEVI. IS. MINE *stabs her in the neck* and for you ackerman... *stabs clean products* see you in hell