Vogel Im Kafig (End Of Tears) Levi X OC

Vogel Im Kafig (End Of Tears) Levi X OC

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I ran over to Levi, and threw my arms around him. I could see the tears running down his face, despite the rain. He buried his face in the crook of my neck, and held me in return. I held him as the shudders racked through his body. He cried deeply, and my heart went out to him yet again.

Based on Attack On Titan: No Regrets, Birth of Levi and the Attack on Titan series

I DO NOT OWN ANY ATTACK ON TITAN CHARACTERS. I wish I could, though. I only own the OC's, and any OC names within this book is coincidental with persons dead or alive. 


Copyright 2016

The original ideas in this book are *in the gollum voice* myyy preeeciouuus

*Videos are included in the header*

Feel free to comment within the chapters! I can't wait to see what you think.

Like this story? I have a sequel called Flugel Der Freigheight (sequel to Vogel Im Kafig End Of Tears Levi X OC). I may even make it into a trilogy or saga. :)

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Majestyelfe21 Majestyelfe21 Mar 13, 2017
I've always seen Levi as a male version of me, and this just proves my point more
GraceJeff7 GraceJeff7 Oct 23, 2017
Ooohh C'mon!! first the Titan broke the wall now Levi?! This is not possible 
                              Get Eren Titan to fix that frecking wall
A_Tired_Person A_Tired_Person Jul 30, 2017
Demiphoenix1125 Demiphoenix1125 Jun 07, 2017
This reminded me of Lion King, except with "Idiots... by idiots,"
Me in school because i realise no one else is reading the pjo books or barely knows what anime is and- i'm really sad now.
psgribbons psgribbons Jul 07, 2016
I didn't know how to do the dots over the letters on the keyboard but I am working on changing that