Covered In Darkness (Manxman|| #lgbtq)

Covered In Darkness (Manxman|| #lgbtq)

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T. Gray By notbackingdown Completed

The threat of a full out war between the Blood Takers and The Dark Plane is fast approaching. Already the Takers are slaughtering and pillaging the Plain's villages. Factions unite with King Cyn, the King of the Plane and The Black Dragon Clan against these vile creatures.

Cyn is tired of living alone without his life partner Ian, the Prince of Cobras whom he saw fall in battle in the last war two thousand years ago, only he saw what the enemy wanted him to see.

Hard truths are revealed, lovers reunited and familial bonds broken forever. in the first installment of Covered in Darkness.


All characters, situations, names, conflicts and places are all a fiction of my imagination and do not in any way refer to real persons/places/situations.
All characters/plots/ideas are all inventions of my own Fictional Creation.  (Blame my brain for any weirdness).

Any resemblance to any real persons (living or deceased)/places/situations are entirely coincidental.

Copyright © 2016 by @notbackingdown

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