Forgotten Life: As An ANBU

Forgotten Life: As An ANBU

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Rin-chan desu!!! By narusora_chan Updated Apr 23


What if, Naruto was a genius and a prodigy that surpassed Uchiha Itachi?
What will happen too if that Minato Namikaze and Uzumaki Kushina was alive along with Naruto's little twin sister?(My OC and the difference between her and Naruto was just 1 hour away)
In this story, Naruto will experience love in a family and suddenly an accident breaks Naruto's little heart and killed the whole family except Naruto.
But the 3rd Hokage suddenly 7 years later learned an awful truth behind the accident that will affect our sunshine so badly
By the time being, Naruto was an ANBU and seeing Hatake Kakashi as his own brother.

What will happen if Naruto finds out the truth?
Read to find out!
I'm personally awful at writing summaries!

Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto-san, even tough I dreamed I'm the one who have it.
I only have my OC, just that.

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But if Minato was hokage at the time, then Sarutobi couldn't have been Hokage. He could have been the former hogake, but he's not one currently.
MangaMad23 MangaMad23 Nov 23, 2016
'Arigato gosaimasu' is formal just saying. If you just want to be casual then it's just 'Arigato'
Uzumaki2799 Uzumaki2799 Nov 09, 2016
Onii-chan is older brother, Onee-chan is older sister. Just FYI.
55Jill55 55Jill55 Jul 13, 2016
I hate it when bad things happen so I call it crap, but author I don't really mean it. Either its just plain sad, or, depressing, maybe horror things. So I really am not saying is such a horrible story, it just makes me feel bad.
Mizuha-chan Mizuha-chan Apr 21, 2016
I love the start of this fic but onii-chan actually means elder/older brother specifically and if you need it for future chapters onee-chan means older sister hope that helps ^^
narusora_chan narusora_chan Dec 04, 2015
Okay, I'll try to update it soon, just be patient, chapter one is almost ready to go ^^