Run to Me {JIKOOK}

Run to Me {JIKOOK}

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[Jimin pov]

Running. That's all I ever do. Run away from my problems. 

Running away from my fears. All that running had resulted in me being in solitude. I was never as happy as I used to be, main reason being my best friend died. 

But everything changed one day...when I met HIM. Jungkook. 

The dude who has the most cutest face yet he's not really innocent. 

The dude who i just bumped into recently. 

The dude who will do whatever it takes to keep me happy. 

The dude...who I slowly fell in love with.

I'm still running. Only this time, i'm running towards you. Will you be able to accept my heart when it gets to you?


Juancockie6 Juancockie6 Dec 05, 2016
Jungkookie doesn't have plump lips but I do think his upper lip is really cute😘
YourJamlessFriend YourJamlessFriend Dec 26, 2016
What he did here...He mentioned everything beside sleeping :')
illemonadi illemonadi 3 days ago
YourJamlessFriend YourJamlessFriend Dec 26, 2016
You're gonna see some other huge things-WHY AM I LIKE THIS!I'M SO DIRTY MINDED,I NEED JISOOS