Run to Me {JIKOOK}

Run to Me {JIKOOK}

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I got Jikooked. By rjneedsjesus Completed

[Jimin pov]

Running. That's all I ever do. Run away from my problems. 

Running away from my fears. All that running had resulted in me being in solitude. I was never as happy as I used to be, main reason being my best friend died. 

But everything changed one day...when I met HIM. Jungkook. 

The dude who has the most cutest face yet he's not really innocent. 

The dude who i just bumped into recently. 

The dude who will do whatever it takes to keep me happy. 

The dude...who I slowly fell in love with.

I'm still running. Only this time, i'm running towards you. Will you be able to accept my heart when it gets to you?


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pesymistka3 pesymistka3 Mar 20
Wait I just noticed. Who tf calls Hobi Jhope anymore? What kind of teacher-