Mr. Salvatore  (BWWM)

Mr. Salvatore (BWWM)

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For the ones that will continue my book.



Chapter 1 (edited) 

"Kind words cost nothing."- Ricardo Salvatore.


It was a beautiful day in New York. It was also a perfect day when I met them. My little family. It was mid June. Or was it early May? No, I'm sure it was October. Yes, October. Anyways.. It was September when I met them. 

The early autumn ...

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This is why you can't tell or promise little children anything😂😂
Riiiiaaaa Riiiiaaaa Oct 14
Now we see who wears the pants in this here relationship 😂😂
HadesLittleSlut HadesLittleSlut Nov 28, 2016
Dont come acting proffesional when you havent reached 100😂
ashlet143 ashlet143 Nov 28, 2016
@LatifaKeller what exactly do you mean by people like me. Just because I stated my opinion on your book I don't deserve wattpad. Like girl grow up, take some criticism. If I didn't like the book I didn't like the book but don't call me names
ashlet143 ashlet143 Nov 27, 2016
@LatifaKeller  I don't like how you portrayed her character to be. And your readers like them because they are use to amateur work. This book is stupid and so is the main character
ashlet143 ashlet143 Nov 26, 2016
Girl you doing to much on this book. All this profanity is uncalled for. You making the girl cuss at him when she trying to get a job from him, smh just delete and start over