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The Changes Around Me

The Changes Around Me

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beccababyboo By beccababyboo Updated Jun 23, 2015

USED TO BE The Second Chance Mate               I looked into his cold dead eyes, his gaze unwavering as he studied me. He set down the whore on his left arm, and curled his lip back. 
"You're disgusting, you fat pig." His eyes turned black, but not in lust. It was anger.
Anger coated his fluent moves, as he stepped forward. His hand raised, ready to strike. It froze at its peak, and began to shake. 
"I cannot do this anymore." He growled, "I, Michael Loupe, reject you Bella Malone." 
My throat bubbles, as a mixture of emotions settled. I refused to see which was which, but I reacted in my most strong way. 
"I reject you-" he covered my mouth.
His eyes cold, as he once again spoke, "I rejected you. I do not want you to reject me." He snarled, "I want you to feel the pain. Feel the pain I felt when you had sex with that man." He growled.
But, the thing is... I never had sex with that man. I was raped.

   Bella Malone had a horrible childhood. She was beaten and raped by her step father. 
She wasn't even a full wolf, she was only a half wolf. 
Her mother was a full wolf, and her mothers true mate died before she even met him. Stuck in a fit of depression, Bella's mom married a drunken slob, and allowed him to beat her. She felt as if she deserved it, but she really didn't. 
When Bella meets her mate the next to be Alpha of the Daylight pack, he accepts her. They go on happily for a month, then Bella's step-father rapes her.
Not listening to her, Michael rejects her leaving her heart broken and alone.
When she runs off to another pack, she meets her second chance mate. 
And what happens? 
just like the first, rejection happens. 
Could the rejection have been the worst best thing to happen in her life?
After a spiral of emotions to happen, will she ever reach happiness?
read to find out.

falcon3268 falcon3268 Nov 06, 2013
the guy got off lucky I would've smashed the phone over his head for the BS