You're the one  Camila/you

You're the one Camila/you

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AllyIsWifey AllyIsWifey Jan 10
Yeah so Imma use myself cause one I'm black and two well have you seen the picture noooooo
BurntPhoenix22 BurntPhoenix22 Apr 06, 2016
Is it weird that I imagine this better when it's her than me😁😕💁
Ioloregz Ioloregz Jun 02, 2016
                              How can you feel it in the first place?
                              How is that possible?
                              Dude srsly...
snow_product snow_product Nov 09, 2016
Was I bleached!?! I'm black annndd not to be rude but she's no very attractive...😕
XJeni360X XJeni360X Jan 12
Ummm asstin mahorny nah never heard of him wait is he dorito boy? (Yes I know who he is)