Jealousy (Jealous!Mika X Yuu X Reader)

Jealousy (Jealous!Mika X Yuu X Reader)

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GothGirlfriend By Ni-tress Completed

After finally reuniting with Yuichiro- Mikaela Hyakuya is very displeased to see that Yuu has made a solid relationship with a girl named (Your Name), his jealousy drives him to treating the young girl very badly only to receive kindness back from her.

"W-Why are you being nice to me? We are enemies, remember?!"

Will Mika eventually realize his true feelings for this girl? Will it tear his relationship with Yuu apart?

What will bring them all together in the end?

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plrdr- plrdr- Mar 28
Are you seriously asking me?
12Anime16 12Anime16 Apr 16
Well how about we get married right now and then when every one is in the after party thing 
                              We can
Akira9009 Akira9009 Apr 04
Whoa what kind of question is that to ask in public?!
                              Shame on Yuu 
                              Lol I just realised how funny that was XD
Would I like to have seeds for gardens.
                              (I knew what he was going to say. Don't worry XD)