Tom X Marco

Tom X Marco

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TheGreenJocker By TheGreenJocker Updated Oct 09, 2016

"Star are you sure you want me to stay back while you go fight?" I ask the blonde princess unsure.

"Oh come on Marco I can handle myself for a couple of days don't be such a worry wort" she says laughing. I only look more worried, latley there was a increase in monsters at her home world and they need everyone they can to fight them off. The queen that ran the kingdom most of the time even asked Star her wild daughter to help,she lifted her ban and everything. 

For some reason I felt worried for the blonde girl who I had come to like. She was like a sister to me, always giving me advice on girls and helping me out whenever I needed it. I don't think I want her to be gone so soon.

"I could fight you know" I say displaying my muscle proudly making Star giggle more.

"Marco stop worrying so much, I'll be back before you know it" she says patting my head making me pout. 

"Alright alright dint be such a sour candy drop" Star says rummaging through her luggage looking for something makin...

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OK by you have to admit, it was fun and cool. Except that the rabbit is giving you the creeps.
KBAwsome KBAwsome May 26
Normal hmm what's that*looks in a dictionary* Where is it WHERE IS IT
Eevdeex Eevdeex Sep 02, 2016
I have to admit. As mean as my brothers can be sometimes I still love them
FunnywolfHoney FunnywolfHoney Aug 30, 2016
Me: *nosebleed and faint* WOWIE!
                               Bad: I think she had to many bad thoughts.......JUST LIKE A HER PAPA! XD
                              Goody: uuuuuh WATAAAAAA!?
I_Am_A_Panda__Rawr I_Am_A_Panda__Rawr Dec 19, 2016
Roses are red 
                              A cactus is prickly 
                              Holy shįt 
                              That escalated quickly
LunarSterek LunarSterek Feb 13
ITS NORNAL! *looks over from being wrapped in a bunch of wrapping paper and tape* COMPLETELY NORNAL!?!?!?