Damn. ( Boy x Boy)

Damn. ( Boy x Boy)

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"I've given up... I'm done with love." - K.Michelle . 

Izarry Reynolds is just a plus sized gay as some would say. He's just like any other person except he's just a little different. 

Journey with Izarry. Hold him. Love him. And Support him on this amazing journey.

1nonlykobe 1nonlykobe Apr 21
I wouldn't have had that problem because he would've never got into my house💁
Erieeeeee Erieeeeee Mar 19
No no no baby, yo dusty ass woulda been flying out the door. idgaf.🔥👉🚪
Mm he need to fix that attitude cause if it was me he wouldn't be there
tbh I was picturing him as the youtuber Heflawless but thats good too  :)
How ironic. I was picturing him as Izzy while reading before I saw this 😂
ctfu is his father stupid ? um think again baby. Don't disrespect me in MY house. Woo that wa real cute