My Dearest Enemy [ON- HOLD]

My Dearest Enemy [ON- HOLD]

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_Kwenz By Cookiee_beariiee Updated Dec 16, 2016

"Stop flirting with me, Chase." I groaned in exasperation as he pinned me into the wall. 

"What if I don't want to, Gail? What are you going to do?" He challenged while smirking impishly.
I glared at him, "Whatever you're planning Chase, stop it and just leave me alone." God, this guy is just gorgeously irritating. His smirk faltered as he looked at me with an unreadable expression. I gulped nervously at how close we were. I could feel his minty breath fanning into my face as he spoke. 

"I'm not  going to leave you alone, Gail. Besides, I wasn't named Chase for nothing." He said, seriousness lacing in his voice.  Before I could even speak, he caressed my face and kissed me senselessly. My eyes were wide open almost bulging out of its socket as he kissed me. To say that shocked would be an understatement. I was flabbergasted because I, Elizabeth Collins just got kissed by a bad boy. 
Elizabeth Gail Collins. Smart? Check. Beautiful? Check. Talented? Check. A perfect life? Check

Every girl envies her for being a perfectionist. But that's what they all thought. That's what she thought. Just as things seemed to be going well, she was suddenly confronted with a dilemma leaving her heart stoned in hurt and anger.


A simple word yet full of fairy tales and unexplained feelings.  We always expect to fall in love with the right person and get our happy endings. We girls, always wish to find our own prince charming like how Cinderella found hers. Of course who wouldn't want that, right? However,  what if fate suddenly plays its role, leaving you with the person you despise the most? A narcissistic yet, deviously handsome and undeniably attractive notorious bad boy. 

But do you believe in the saying that opposite attracts? She hated his guts to the moon and back while he on the other hand, loves teasing her with his sexual innuendos. Just because of one mistake, her so called perfect life changed into an adventurous, rocky road trip.

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redcves redcves Feb 25, 2016
where did i go wrong i lost a friend... 
                              He need to learn how to save a life, get a grip and drink some MILK
Dorkygirl3773 Dorkygirl3773 Apr 15, 2016
I know this is kinda a stupid question, but I typed in Aspergers girls in the search bar and this came up... Is the main character an Aspie?
megant16 megant16 Aug 13, 2016
i know they arent together anymore but i mean she doesnt need to keep a grudge for 2 years
5SecondsOfWinterXo 5SecondsOfWinterXo Jan 29, 2016
Love me like you do love me like you l-l-love me like you do :D
sereuphoric sereuphoric Dec 04, 2015
WEEEEEEEEE GO MARRRYYY!!! :D cheering you on from the sides!!