phan proof

phan proof

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perfectionlester By perfectionlester Updated Nov 30, 2016

Do you want to find out if phan is real?? 

All the evidence is here.

Please read it.


GUYS! DOES THAT MEAN WE'RE ALL, LIKE, TOGETHER?! AWWW, LOVE YOU! 😘😍 We're canon now, whether you like it or nit
RockyDJ RockyDJ Oct 18, 2016
Omfg this is so insane, thank you for this very true proof now I know Phan is real.
Uhm.... all people look at each other when they are talking.
PiperMartin3 PiperMartin3 Dec 26, 2016
It's a common human thing to look at one another while talking. Or is that just me?