professional (a.t.)

professional (a.t.)

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"'I'm different than these other girls you're used to. I'm not giving myself up to you." I answer.

"Sure you won't, baby." Abel winks. "However I always get want. And I want you."

Then, his lips brush with my mine. Without even fully feeling them, I could sense that they were very plump and soft. Tempting. Abel's hands snake to the sides of my curves, and I begin to panic. He's getting too friendly with me. This isn't right, he needs to get off of me!

"This is very unprofessional, isn't it Mr. Tesfaye?" Abel straightens his self up off me, and I finally exhale a breath I didn't realize I was holding when the elevator doors open.

Despite me resisting, my body was still hot from his touch and I couldn't help fantasize about what could've happened."


After working with The Weeknd, Aaliyah Willows will soon learn why you should never mix business with pleasure. 

Weeknd fanfic.

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adoredby_many adoredby_many Aug 31, 2017
She keep saying "kind-of-like" girl you know you looooove him 😁‼️
moshiotaku moshiotaku Nov 10, 2017
Rubio098 Rubio098 Jan 25
I would of gotten naked then after being called princess by him. Idgaf
pothole- pothole- Nov 25, 2017
not to be lactose intolerant but i️ don’t like the noise
bedazzlemeblue bedazzlemeblue Oct 09, 2016
Love can never be lost, at least not forever. If it was real you will find it again💯