His Mental Problem || Bts Jimin

His Mental Problem || Bts Jimin

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nadz By jiminite Updated Jun 30

"Heal me."

Jimin have 6 different personality in his body. He ask for help at Inhye, a psychiatrist. He fall in love at her but-

Other personality: Pinky Princess, Swag Suga, Destroyer Mon, Friendly Hoseok, Weirdo Tae and Meanie Kookie.

Based on Kill me Heal me story.

Start/Published: 4/12/2015
End/Complete: -

Cover by: @taehyungrt

Warning: i have a bad english so if you cannot stand to read a broken english don't read it and don't ask me to correct my english. 

and if you guys want to be my editor, you guys can message me.

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*replays Jungkook's voice in So far away* fiiiirst looooveee~
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Even though it's hard to understand the English, I appreciate you taking your time to write this and I actually understand it better (?) so I'm going to keep reading and I'm going to annoy you a lot because I'm going to comment a lot
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