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Yugioh X reader one-shots!!

Yugioh X reader one-shots!!

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Vivian By scarlettvivi Updated May 09, 2016

Basically Yugioh character + you (reader-chan) = one-shot fanfics!!

Arcv-trash15 Arcv-trash15 Apr 14, 2016
Yuya x reader, so like reader would be new to You Show Duel school, and she meets Yuya for the first after watching him duel. They then hang out more and eventually end up dating
An_Eternal_Tears12 An_Eternal_Tears12 May 07, 2016
Yami x Reader , Yusei x Reader, Seto Kabobs x Reader please!
KuribohKlub KuribohKlub Jul 17, 2016
Can you do Jaden Yuki and maybe an Astral one too please? If you do thank you
AlexisELF AlexisELF Apr 13, 2016
How about Jesse x reader? Like Jesse and the reader are dating and the reader is the yotal opposite of Jesse she's cold and almost emotionless
KyoKiryuu KyoKiryuu Jul 11, 2016
Could you do a Jaden  Yuki X Reader in a high school AU maybe or a Jack Atlas X Reader In a high school AU?
CanineAries CanineAries Jan 09, 2016
Yugi x reader and slightly Jaden....... Reader- San was waiting yugi to go to school but incounters Jaden  were he comes from the future to battle yugi.