Anime X Reader One Shots!

Anime X Reader One Shots!

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Vivian By scarlettvivi Updated Dec 31, 2017

Alright you guys already know what this book's about thanks to the title! 

Basically this book is made to satisfy your wild fantasies about anime characters (not too wild tho cuz I'm a child OF JESUS-) because lets be real - they're 10000% better than real boys (or girls) :P

I own absolutely nothing except the stories unless said otherwise!

This amazing cover drawing is made by Minaru-Art on deviantart (correct me if I'm wrong, I found the photo on Pinterest)

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asinglehappyperson asinglehappyperson Sep 26, 2017
Could you do a Seto x reader one? Like...Seto falls in love with his assistant? If you can...
yugiohzexal yugiohzexal Sep 26, 2017
Could you plz plz do a shark x reader plz ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😍😍😉😊😊
silverrandomstuff silverrandomstuff Sep 26, 2017
Yusaku Fujiki x shy!reader pls ( because he bae) where they meet and agree to be acquaintances at first because they both shy dorks when socializing but they grow closer and other fluffy stuff ensues plz and thank
Asanator22 Asanator22 Sep 26, 2017
Can you do a Yugi Moto one where he's a teacher and he falls in love with his student that's female?
Rubimune Rubimune Oct 02, 2017
Hi beauty! Well... I read the first Character x reader that you wrote and I love it!
                              If you have time... You can do, please...
                              Atem x Reader? You know the pharaoh *-* but if the pharaoh live in this life
                              Or... Natsu x Reader (magic of dead) you know, Fairy Tail*-*
Epicplier Epicplier Sep 30, 2017
Kaiba x reader plz! Kaiba is from Yu-Gi-Oh.... Oh yeah,  could you also do a Marik x reader x Yami too? Plz? They are from Yu-Gi-Oh as well!