Cheshire: The Exile

Cheshire: The Exile

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In the first book based off the beloved classic "Alice's adventures in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll, we travel back to the world only known to Alice, to find the most loved cat, Cheshire. 
This time we experience the story from a true wonderlandian's own view. 
- Cheshire Cat has been accused of a horrendous crime-Killing the beloved Savior of Wonderland, Alice. She, Cheshire, without any doubt as to her guilt, is sentenced to the highest form of punishment...exile. 
Now a year later, in New York City, Cheshire is no longer a cat, but is a young woman with red hair and a personality to match, named Katrine. 
With only a single friend and a library full of books to occupy both her time and her thoughts, it's only a "Matter of a Hatter" that resurfaces her past. 

Both Wonderland and New York are in serious trouble. Alice is too old now to protect Wonderland, much less wear the armor she once fought in, and the people that once exiled her call upon the cat to help. New York is going to be attacked by a evil man named Loki, and the Avengers are in desperate need. 
New allies will arise, old ones will return, forces will collide and so will worlds. 

And it's all up to Cheshire to bring back peace...with a grin.

Ayyyyyeeee my dad, sorry let me introduce myself I am Folle (insane in Italian, my mother thought it suits me) Hatter
Nope. You had that chance 1 year/365 days/56 weeks/8760 hours/525600 minutes/31536000 seconds ago
Wait I can't see uncle Cheshire anymore?😔😢😭 NOOOOOOO!
If this if Jefferson Hatter/Sebastian Stan or Mad Hatter/Johnny Depp, then you are definitely forgiven
Camilion14 Camilion14 Jun 26
Is it bad that I read through the fight like a person who has a posh accent was speaking?