Phantom Of Sexual Nightmares

Phantom Of Sexual Nightmares

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ᎦᏣᎯᖇᖇ☑️ By QveenScarr Completed

Once there lived a man named august. He's been sleep since forever and while he sleeps he haunts the innocents dreams until he comes towards one woman he wouldn't expect to like. He sticks with her and rapes her into her dreams causing a nightmare for her even if she naps, sleeps, or even close her eyes. 

Patrica is a young, big, and beautiful woman. She goes to a gypsy fortune teller and she tells patrica she needs to leave then hurry quickly but take a dream catcher. Patrica doesn't listens and thinks this was a waste of her time but it wasn't.....

August can rape her in her dreams but she can die like those like Freddy Kruger did to but this is very different.... He falls for her and wants to be awaken because he already got revenge for what he wanted but now he wants to really be with patrica and wake up for good. 

What will happen? Will he get what he wants or will patrica be like this for the rest of her innocent life...... 

Excuse Mistakes!

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monshellsvge monshellsvge Jul 17, 2017
See, it's August. I'd be panicking buut, at the same time I'm like he Lookin like a bag of hot cheetos.
Finebabyface16 Finebabyface16 Jun 21, 2017
Hey love mind reading my first book giving me any feedback on it appreciate it🙏🏾
dxstynee dxstynee Feb 20
I am disappointed that I commented and didn’t vote 😑 but I’m here to rereaddd 🙂
lilnika_250 lilnika_250 Mar 29
See this is terrible but this type of sexual violence turns me on
FindingSimone FindingSimone Aug 04, 2016
I can't really keep up with the book.... Is that situation for anybody else bc I feel stupid
Moninique29 Moninique29 Aug 05, 2016
Lord forgive me I have sinned because all of the naughty I was thinking about doing to him 😋😏🙏