Runaways [MikaYuu]

Runaways [MikaYuu]

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Yuichiro Ichinose thinks life isn't that significant. As the soon-to-be prince of Drelacia, his days consist of making the best possible grades in school, obeying his parents' every wish, and living in the shadows. 

To Yuu, all he can do is sit up, shut up, and don't speak unless spoken to. 

Yuu is sick of royalty life; for seventeen years he has pondered how things could be different if he just walked out those castle doors. Would he find adventure? Mystery? Love? 

Yuu wishes he could run away. To escape the clutches of his overbearing parents, to leave this world, and to be finally be free. 

One night, he decides to do just that. 

Whether it be by coincidence, destiny, or simply just sheer luck, that's how Yuichiro Ichinose crosses paths with Mikaela Shindo. 

Completed November 8th, 2016
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listen Shinoa, I love you and everything but you need to back off
Despair_Writing Despair_Writing a day ago
Yui-chan, boi...Listen here.
                              You is gonna find a sexy hunk named Mika and you is gonna have a good time. Mkay?  
i've only just started reading this because i'm not really a huge mikayuu fan, but you seem really hype about it on your art book so hERE I AM
Kaneki-Kumn Kaneki-Kumn Jun 27
It's graceful and beautiful and BAM! The snake named Negativity strikes. I LOVE IT
I'm literally so happy over this fanfiction and this is just the prologue.
thighseok thighseok May 19
Yuu having a girlfriend? and I'm straight. funny jokes, aren't they?