Killing Me Softly || Short Story

Killing Me Softly || Short Story

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An adult art class in Atlanta Gerogia, is filled with all women as they converse doing random assignments. It's peaceful as wine fills  their jaws with laughter on yesterday's events. One day their instructor Mrs. Keens, assigns them to bring in someone of the family. That's when Char-lee (Karin Jinsui) meets Keon (Keenon Jackson aka YG). 

Their backgrounds are far from similar, but they took opposite paths from their friends and families. Keon is not your average guy. He grew up in Compton, California where he lived with both his parents and two siblings. When Keon was 10 years old his parents split, leaving only Keon, his father Lionel and his older brother Maleek.  His lil sister Regina, moved to Atlanta with their mother years later Keon left  to moved with them. Now 24, a college student studying accounting and a tattoo artist living a positive life.  He's been heartbroken, lied too and not really ready for a relationship.  

Char-lee is a 22 year old from Atlanta Georgia, born and raised. When born she was put into a foster home, adopted by the age of 5. The family was some what wealthy, they taught her manners and spoiled her to death. They were a little strict, but became lenient when they witnessed Char-lee was a good child. At the age of 18 she found her real parents, who were nothing but proud what she become. A student at The Arts Institute for fashion design, and an employee at  Nordstrom. In her personal life, she's never in a relationship, for finding love was never on her mind.

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