Psycho Oniisan || Yandere Brother X Reader/Oc ||

Psycho Oniisan || Yandere Brother X Reader/Oc ||

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I'm not sick , I'm twisted By KornilyaKoko Updated Oct 26, 2016

" I'm coming home , soon ."

WARNING !! , Contains : 
     •Strong language 

      •Sexual themes ( Maybe , If so Then it's not going to be detailed )

        •Gore And Violence .

You Have Been Warned .

billcipherfan122 billcipherfan122 Dec 21, 2016
Damn I had a older friend he was a boy and he kiss me I thought that was brotherly love and did not notice it was wrong till I was six
JanelBloom JanelBloom Jan 06
When I went to an elementary school a kindergartener cussed at me.
IchBinTrash IchBinTrash Jan 11
*pats (Y/N)'s head* Bitch means female dog, child. But if ever hear you say that I'll feed you...cheese.
Lmao I kiss my big sisters though only one or two I kiss on the lips and thats probably because they're way older (I'm 12, my sisters I kiss are 30&31/32)
Yukon12 Yukon12 Jan 09
I just got done watching life time with the movie with the yandere sister
ImAForgottenMemory ImAForgottenMemory Nov 23, 2016
And my cousin kissed me saying he loved me when I was 6 after that I hid from him every family reunion