Psycho Oniisan || Yandere Brother X Reader/Oc ||

Psycho Oniisan || Yandere Brother X Reader/Oc ||

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I'm not sick , I'm twisted By KornilyaKoko Updated Oct 26

" I'm coming home , soon ."

WARNING !! , Contains : 
     •Strong language 

      •Sexual themes ( Maybe , If so Then it's not going to be detailed )

        •Gore And Violence .

You Have Been Warned .

the number 1 rules of playing games with perverts
                              never play games with preverts........
How old am I like 5? 4? I mean I am five years younger then my brother irl.
Ghaaad. Like--I'm such a good and innocent girl. Following nee san around 😂
Actually, siblings do kiss in the lips. It only works when theyre little, so seeing that theyre little kids, I think it's pretty okay. When theyre grown up, its akward.
And my cousin kissed me saying he loved me when I was 6 after that I hid from him every family reunion
I kissed my little sister not knowing and my mom said that.. XD