The Opposite But Still The Same - Creek

The Opposite But Still The Same - Creek

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Have you ever had that moment when you think you'll never find happiness? But than the reason or person you think that gives you happiness, pulls you out that whole, and ur happy. Until all the gravity falls down on you. But that person holds you close and loves you. He makes you feel safe. You both have ups and downs in your relationship... but you make it through. Until that one bitterly moment.... and you lose everything and everyone... and you're alone in your dark mind... voices wavering in the empty space... making you believe the lies... once again...

That's perfectly Tweek & Craig's life, soul and heart...

But what can actually go wrong? 

*depression and more shit! (Spoilers) Yaoi and maybe smut! Also my other ships. Craig X Tweek! Creek! Enjoy! :3 + other ships

ULTIMATE WARNING!!; HORRIBLE GRAMMAR, and the author is too lazy to fix it, so comment on it if you want, it's your time and energy  you're waisting for writing a comment on it, lmao

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Good job with the the nickname you gave tweek or should i say craig xD
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