Chasing Of DREAMS BOOK 1 [Hanbin FANFIC]

Chasing Of DREAMS BOOK 1 [Hanbin FANFIC]

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Lee Hyemi is currently a trainee in SM Ent. and she's been dating Kim Hanbin for a few months now. 

They first met backstage at Music Bank when Hyemi was doing a special appearance while she was a trainee & from then on sparks just flew. 

Hyemi has always been a fan of him, but now that she's his girlfriend, she's even more desperate to debut and feel less insecure around him.  

What will happen? Will she get to debut? Would their relationship stay stable and most importantly, away from the public eye? And what if Junhoe suddenly expresses interest towards Hyemi... Will their relationship remain unfaltering?~

And what happens when he meets with an accident... and forgets Hyemi.....

[The summary sucks, but please give this book a chance~♡] 


I created this to entertain fangirls and make people love Hanbin & iKON even more ♡ 

ENJOY~~ | start:13/12/15

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Hi! I am collecting votes and comments to celebrate iKON-Dong Hyuk's birthday!! Please check my book, //YG IMAGINES// last chapter and help me spread it! Thanks :)