My Duty | Yandere!Knight x Reader [HEAVY EDITING]

My Duty | Yandere!Knight x Reader [HEAVY EDITING]

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nekuラ(SEMI-HIATUS) By nekura Updated Jun 27

Book 1 of 4 of the "Dere" series 


Rin is known to be a sweet and gentle man with the looks of a prince. Even the princess herself would admit it. 

But he's nowhere near the royal blood. He's just a chivalrous knight and a personal butler of princess [name]. 

But what lies under his facade? He has a side he couldn't show, but he can't hide it forever. 

 Art used in this story is not mine.

//currently editing the whole story so please be patient!//

Please don't unpublish the other chapters!!!  I wanted to read them again! But anyways good job on the editing!
Hehe I might be really creepy for doing this but I got the the creepiest smile when I read this part
It's because everyone starts off like that, and don't worry we all get better with practice.
                              I'll let you in on a little secret.
                              I am the exact same way whenever I read my old stuff.
Boi this isn't even the beginning and your getting scared now?