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Alleria (Completed)

Alleria (Completed)

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Einaty <3 By EinatSegal Completed

"Shall I tell you a secret, Alleria, as to why you make me so hot I want to lose control?" He leaned in close. She stiffened, she could feel his breath on her cheek. "When I look into your eyes, I know where you've been, I know what you saw that night in the forest. I know what you are now."
  Scholars rule the empire and Alleria, an uncanny teenage genius, is about to become the youngest Scholar in history. Some loathe her for her gender, class and age, while others fear what she will become when she grows too wise to be controlled. 

And there's one strange boy who knows her secret - a boy who whispers about demons in the shadows and the haunting melody that comes with them.

Stepping up to stand among the sharks and snakes of the patriarchal imperial politics, Alleria sets her heart on solving the world's greatest mathematical problem - and perhaps also its greatest crisis. The path she chooses will either make her the most successful woman in the empire - or lead her to her own demise - or both
**#1 in Fantasy**
  Cover by my dearest @seventhstar

Jessica8721 Jessica8721 4 days ago
Sometimes I wonder how much time really passes while the protagonists are thinking such long paragraphs
Me all the time. "Are you Nathan?" 
                              "Err... No? But nice to meet you."
Gracesxo Gracesxo 5 days ago
"... white gloves, gold thread lining the collar and cuffs of his jacket.." sounds better. Using "and" twice in such a sentance is a bit confusing.
inthenameofNarnia inthenameofNarnia 6 days ago
I'm confused... What time period is this set in? From the description, I got a sort of medieval-fantasy vibe, but there're electronics...
i'm slightly confused by the first sentence. why is it lucky that mam is too anxious?
_wanker_ _wanker_ Feb 20
when you're game of thrones trash and you cry a little when you see one of their names