Riddle Of The Owl 🦉(Completed)

Riddle Of The Owl 🦉(Completed)

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Einaty By EinatSegal Updated Jun 26

"When I look into your eyes, I know where you've been, I know what you saw that night in the forest. I know what you are now."
Scholars rule the empire and Alleria is about to become the youngest Scholar in history. Some loathe her for her gender, class and age, while others fear what she will become when she grows too wise to be controlled. 

And there's one strange boy who knows her secret - a boy who whispers about demons in the shadows and the haunting melody that comes with them.

A great crisis is brewing, one that has potential to shatter economies and create unforetold chaos. The solution lies in a mathematical problem that has eluded mankind for centuries. With everything to lose and everything to prove, Alleria sets her heart on solving this problem. The path she chooses may make her the most successful woman in the empire - or lead her to her own demise - or both.
**#1 in Fantasy**
  Cover art by @sugarcrystals

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LDWalters LDWalters Oct 10
Clever way to add the physical description of the character.
LDWalters LDWalters Oct 10
And that's why Red Riding Hood wasn't supposed to end happy.
LDWalters LDWalters Oct 10
Example: Granny Na gave a shake of her head before any questions could be asked and placed the basket she was carrying on the ground to examine her bare feet. 
                              End of Example. Reconstructing sentences is painful but well worth it. Reading aloud also helps to spot the errors.
TheWriterRSR TheWriterRSR 2 days ago
You're giving me a serious case of envy. lol
                              I'd like to loathe you but you make it difficult to. 5 chapters in and still wanting more. Keep it up!
WildpuffDarktail WildpuffDarktail 7 days ago
Wow that was really amazing! I know it's only the first chapter but I can already tell I'm going to absolutely love this story ❤️😁
LDWalters LDWalters Oct 10
Slickwrite.com can help eliminate redundant words, and over-usage of words. The sentence can be reconstructed. Example: They reached her fast. First a few, then many more; grasping her hair, arms, legs, and pulling from all directions. End of example.