Teasing Mr. Fischbach: Reinstated {MarkiplierxReader} (Dirty 18+) ✔

Teasing Mr. Fischbach: Reinstated {MarkiplierxReader} (Dirty 18+) ✔

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Brittany By Cutiplier Completed

This is the third installment to a short yet somehow beloved series by the name, Teasing Mr. Fischbach. Where the handsome Mark Fischbach is not a YouTuber but, rather your 12th grade English teacher. What started out as innocent fun, flirtation, and teasing very quickly turned into passion, lust and desire only to finally settle into a state of forbidden love and end up in tragedy.

Finally, you're fresh out of high school, and summer has passed. You're  now a Junior starting her first year LACC, and over the course of the last seven months, much has changed. Many would say it's suppose to be the time of your life, and going into it, that's what you expected. However, what happens when you're hit with reality, and your past quickly becomes your present all over again? Now that you've finally gotten your life back on track, what will happen when you're faced once again with the demons of your past? 

Is history due to repeat itself?

Book 3 of 4

(Completed October 25th 2016)
Copyright© All Rights Reserved - Cutiplier 2015
Cover Credit: septiplierbum

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Horroryas Horroryas Nov 14, 2017
I read the first book but - I can't see the second anywhere.
ohwaiterwherethefood ohwaiterwherethefood Aug 11, 2016
Not to be rude but just because im 13 those not mean i will be like u said immature and make fun af words like butt or boobs 😒😒😒😔
nerdygirl800 nerdygirl800 Jun 14, 2016
AgentVermont AgentVermont Jan 11, 2017
@Cutiplier I finally gathered the courage to start reading the third book. I'm sorry it took me so long I'm so nervous.
x_omegalevi x_omegalevi Jun 27, 2016
I was crying so much last time. I ready to more tears come out.
oceanicOverlord oceanicOverlord Nov 05, 2016
Ahh ,,, Do you think you could link me to the other books ??