Let The Games Begin

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LikkleAngel By LikkleAngel Updated 2 months ago
What is the definition of perfect? Whatever it is Faith Brooks is determined to be the exact opposite. Her parents have finally had enough of her 'troubled teen/I do what I like' attitude and decide it's time for her to straighten her life out.
    When they send her off to boarding school that's where everything becomes a lot more difficult. Faith encounters several objects there:
    -an annoying boy that won't leave her alone
    -twins that she's forces to share a room with
    -a loud mouthed Cat
    -and a past she can't seem to run far enough away from
    But Faith has never said no to a good challenge or dare.
I actually know someone with this name. We were friends until she switched schools....
You can be as loud as you want untill 11:00 so haha bítches
In the summary I thought it was a real cat guess I was wrong lol
Look I'm a goody two shoes and its terribly hard for even me to not ignore or talk back to a teacher imagine how hard it'd be for a beyond rebellious teenager
She's a totally a riot. I like her!! I can't imagine a girl can do such things. She's so cool!
unwinnable is not a word. sadly.  I think even though its not a word it's my word of the day! :p