Glass Victor

Glass Victor

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Kat Ling By KatLing22 Completed

The world is gone. After an untold disaster nearly swept away the entire population of the planet, the remaining survivors are forced to take shelter in the Cave, where a civilization begins. 

It has been almost 500 years. The Cave has grew new systems, but they are unjust and tyrannical. One of which is the city classes: the Grounders and the Uppers, divided based on their wealth. Another is the Combat, a rite of passage for every teen chosen where they fight, a Grounder versus an Upper. For the past few centuries, no Grounder has won, instead Glassed, a process where the loser or deemed unworthy are thrown into Solitude, a pit of unknown fate and never seen again.

 Viveca Raynard thought she would be Glassed. She thought she would be just like any other Grounder. But an unexpected victory fires hope and hatred in the Cave, causing her to serve an Upper lady for the sake of peace. However, peace doesn't come so easily. Soon enough, Viveca discovers a rebel group hiding in Solitude, where the Glassed are all alive and are planning to eliminate the cruelty of the Cave. Viveca doesn't hesitate to join, despite her growing love for an Upper. 
As the group slowly rises to a new future for the Cave, deadly schemes and plans of the Uppers are unraveled, and a revolution is the only way to stop it.

Cover credit goes to @stardust24601