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Wattpad Clichés

Wattpad Clichés

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SuspiciousChicken By SuspiciousChicken Updated Sep 24, 2017

WARNING: This book contains extreme amounts of realism and rant. Read at your own risk (in other words, not for sissies).
So let me define a cliché real quick...
1. a phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought.
2. a stereotype or electrotype.

IN SAYING THAT, are you starting to get tired of some top stories on Wattpad being bad teen dramas or improvised pieces of garbage? Want to write your own story but have it original and quirky? Are you bored and have nothing to do?

Well, whatever the reason, in this book we identify 10+ clichés for each genre of writing in attempts to reduce the number of overly-used phrases and storylines that are starting to reach epidemic levels. Trust me, these things will become more relatable than memes.


A/N: This book is intended to humour and enlighten readers. Your fan fiction obsession may be spoken about in an unpleasant light, but I will try keep the trash-talk to a minimum. The majority of cussing will be more or less censored, leaving the word you put in its place to your imagination.

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ilikeapplecores ilikeapplecores Oct 13, 2017
These days I prefer reading sci fiction or fantasy because those books are so dull
Meme_Lordz Meme_Lordz Jun 01, 2017
I'm gonna write the most cliché book and the MC is gonna be a Marry Sue :p just for the fun of it
ilikeapplecores ilikeapplecores Nov 03, 2017
Hey where's the chapter abt the stereotypical Wattpad romantic lead: hot, hot and hot. Tbh I just want ONE wattpad story to be about two normal people. Just two fking normal ppl.
SirBaconPancake SirBaconPancake Sep 11, 2016
Hmm.. This sounds interesting. First day that I've had this account🤓..hey maybe someone would be so kind as to...I dunno..maybe,
moldyclams moldyclams Oct 18, 2016
Romance somehow bleeds into every genre, I mean the humor section is basically the romance section but the author's have f@cking quirky as$ characters that somehow only think in sarcastic quips
stfudxryl stfudxryl Oct 19, 2016
I'm reading this so my next book won't be cliche af so thanks 😊