Raven Ghoul || Hunter x Hunter Fanfic

Raven Ghoul || Hunter x Hunter Fanfic

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J❀J❀ By JoelleAu Updated May 30

[1st in Hunters category of Hunter x Hunter Watty Awards]

She who is fearless and doesn't understand the meaning of emotions except..excitement and boredom.

She who has countless self-inflicted scars on her own body.

She who enjoys pain of herself and others.

She who kills without a single guilt or regret.

She who loves to watch death with her own eyes.

She is a girl with mental disorder which is beyond insane.

She is a girl who lives-

You'll find out soon.. The last few words of the unfinished sentence.

Do not read if you can't stand torture or gore. This story is from the third person's point of view because.. I'm afraid that you might feel the excitement.. And I definitely don't want to start World War III.

Read at your own risk.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own anything other than the plot and my own character. Anything you find foreign probably beings to me too.

0takutrash 0takutrash 2 days ago
'Four' does sound like the word 'death', except 'four' is pronounced as: 'sì' and 'death': 'Sǐ'
                              Lolol I'm half Chinese
Sorry but it's " I do not fear death. O only fear that my rage will fade overtime" 
                              ;-; sorry im a 'Grammar Natzi 
                              *Sips holy water*
DerpDragon DerpDragon Oct 26
It's the same thing over here in Korea! None of the elevators have the fourth, or Forty-Fourth story, and they think it's unlucky.
Wendy5050 Wendy5050 Jul 10
I will name these three dots: Winker, Wonker, and Wanker. HAHA!
AysaWolf AysaWolf Dec 02
I feel as though "Such Horrible Things" would be playing but at the same time not
- - Dec 20, 2015
Uh I believe you're a reincarnation of Juvia or something xD