Bad Boys vs Bad Girls ✿ Completed

Bad Boys vs Bad Girls ✿ Completed

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Alexandria "Alex" Tanner. A 17 year old girl. She's the bad girl of the school, along with her best friends Jay and Jesse, and soon Sam as soon as she moves there. 

Alex lives a challenging life, with looking after a younger brother and sister, one dead mother, a father who's never around most of the time and two older brothers who ran of to the army to ignore the death of their mother. 

Alex's mother died when she was 15 years old, leaving her with a upset one and a half year old sister and an upset 14 year old brother. Alex's family was perfect, until her mother died. Her mother was the glue and without the glue, everything crumbled. 

* * * * 

Jacob "Jake" Moore. A 17 year old boy. He's a bad boy and so are his best friends Luke, Mason and Tyler. Mason and Tyler are the boyfriends of Jesse and Jay, making the bad boys and the bad girls be friends. 

Jake lives a pretty great life, he has heaps of friends, he's the quarterback on the schools football team, great family and has girls chasing after him but the one problem is that the one girl he wants to notice him, doesn't notice him back. 

Jake is the oldest child in his family with a twin little brother and sister. His mom is a stay at home mom while Jake's dad is a big shot lawyer. 

* * * * 

What happens when someone completely turns there life upside down?

Will they all make it out alive or will they lose someone they love as much as their own family?

Well Alex and Jake stay together or get torn apart by the painful memories? 

* * * * 

"Play a game with me"

"No. What are we, five?"

* * * * 

The prologue is inside the book.

• Cover made by me

Teen fiction: #58 23/08/2016

OreLizzy OreLizzy Sep 09
In this book Alex picture was never the same even when she was getting married it was a differnt picture of a different person
Am I the only one who was like omg Lucas and Brooke got together (one tree hill)
I find it funny how my name is Hazel and o e of my friends' name is Hayden and we act like brother and sister only we're not 4.......duh
I can tell you like one tree hill and the vampire diaries. Lol I do to