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Marie By TaCoLoVeR890 Updated Sep 12

She found her prince, that's what she thought
One day he got cold and became a monster she never expect he was
He took her heart along her
He was her everything
He was her forever
But not every story ends with a very happy ending
This story is all about pain and heartache the pain caused to the poor damsel by the prince


COVER ART BY: Dovahcrap
Contact Dovahcrap at:https://www.fiverr.com/dovahcrap/draw-funny-cartoons-and-other-illustrations

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biebergwap biebergwap Jun 18
Lmao I would've yelled at him and ditched his ass but ay that's me 😂
When you grow some balls and walk away from this sham of a marriage
Work on your grammar and sentence framing... other than that I love how you convey feelings through your writing. It's nice.
She really has to change... quickly !!!! Or I'm not going to like it !
- - Jun 22
When you grow a backbone and divorce him after cussing his a$$ out !!! Man it's so ancient to be a crybaby and wait for a miracle to happen...
Respect him who respect you .. I know its to difficult to d then saying but if u r tough any thing can change