Dropped // Sans x reader

Dropped // Sans x reader

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Drama Queen at 16 By Nacatu Updated Feb 09

"You need to break free."

          "But this time fight fire with fire."

STARTED: December 10, 2015


chloeh928 chloeh928 Jan 19
*googles* OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH. hehehehehehehehehehehe.
Breadstick_Otaku Breadstick_Otaku Aug 09, 2016
Her name is so close to being mine
                              Just leave out the last two letters...AND BOOM
                              IM NOW A GOAT WOMAN
Welp I'm gonna be sad for the rest of my life!!!!! *quiet sobbing*
DawningFlower DawningFlower Nov 01, 2016
Fudge, just when I start to like this guy.
                              Luckily I literally can't cry because I'm right next to my mom at the moment.
DatBlackCat2002 DatBlackCat2002 Jul 01, 2016
It's gooooooaaaaaaaaat moooooom!!! *cheer leader chants*
                              G-o-a-t m-o-m! Who's gonna save you when no one can??
                              Gooooooaaaat mooooom!!
                              *wiggles Pom-Poms that appear outa nowhere*
-_Yuka_- -_Yuka_- Dec 28, 2016
Don't mind me imma just grab my stuff and leave,
                              Excuse me please.