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Haley By thewanderess Updated Dec 12, 2016

"If you fall in love..." He unzipped my dress, running his calloused hand along my cold back. "I'm not going to catch you."

Kidnapped or rescued? Elisabeth is having a hard time figuring that one out.

In the middle of getting mugged and held at gunpoint in New York a mysterious man comes to Elisa's rescue, only then to kidnap her himself for some twisted reason. The beautiful stranger holds deadly secrets and the key to her freedom.

She's about to fall into a world where criminals and murderers roam. Will someone catch her? The police? Anyone?

* * * 

This is a prequel about Elisa and Everet from Fade. The events here happened before everything happened in Fade. It's up to you which one you want to read first.

griersarmy griersarmy Dec 20, 2016
I haven't read the story yet but would love to say that my names also Elisa😆
YongMinYue YongMinYue Jun 07, 2016
I read Fade and I thought it kinda not make sense and ha here is the prequel!
Nrarsgard Nrarsgard May 11, 2016
Damn elisa i hated you enuf at fade now im tempted to read your povs dayum fml
Catlilia Catlilia Nov 13, 2016
Okay. I just found this book which means I'm excited to read it but I've got to finish that one book LOL. I'm coming back in like...idk, 30 mins? 😂
philtops2k4eva philtops2k4eva Apr 01, 2016
Ok I think I know what all the books are going to be called. 1. Fade (obviously) 2. Fall (also obviously) 3. Fake 4. Fate     Sooooooo am I right?!?
xneyrafa xneyrafa Sep 02, 2016
Is that from a movie? The part where the guy takes her hair and does so she's on her knees and she looks up at him?