Glitched Love - W. D. Gaster x Reader

Glitched Love - W. D. Gaster x Reader

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You, a human, have fallen down into the underground. After having exploring most of it, you have successfully made lots of friends and killed no one. While you want to go back home to your town above ground, all your friends that you had made you decided to stay, or for the moment at least. Very soon, you will end up meeting someone quite interesting, someone who just caught your attention. The man who speaks in hands, W. D. Gaster.

WARNING! Undertale spoilers shall be had. Mainly for the neutral run and true pacifist run, probably. Though there may be a thing or two from the Genocide run, I'm not all too sure.

P.S. Please don't kill me if I suck majorly at writing romance stuff, I haven't written anything like this before.

looks like a skeleton version of smexy, *my cousin think he's hot*
                              COUSIN: HEY!!! *throwing pillow at me blushin madly*
"Not literally. Hopefully." XD omg I'm crying. Best thing to read while sick. 10/10
Omg i just notice something beware the man who speaks with hands and im reader this omg how did i not see that
That won't be the only kind shiver we'll be feeling from Gaster.
AnimatronicInvader AnimatronicInvader Dec 15, 2015
I love this! There need to be more Gaster x readers out there.  I've only found ones about Sans.
MelissaKrueger MelissaKrueger Dec 10, 2015
Omg I love this story, I have to know more lol the suspense is killing me haha