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The Golden Dragon [Akatsuki no Yona]

The Golden Dragon [Akatsuki no Yona]

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️♥♣️ alice ♠️♦️ By ChxinedAlice Updated 4 hours ago

Long Ago, King Hiryuu who had become human and the four warriors who possessed the blood of dragons founded the country of Kouka.
    The Ryokuryuu, Shuten
    The Hakuryuu, Guen
    The Seiryuu, Abi
    The Ouryuu, Zeno
    But, there were also the unspoken dragon who hid behind the legend and worked mysteriously.
    He was known as the gold dragon, the king of dragons. The Kinryuu.
    One mistake the historians made was that...
    The Gold Dragon was a Queen.
    All characters except OCs belong to Akatsuki no Yona, an anime which inspired this storyline. ChxinedAlice does not claim any songs, pictures, videos or any media as her own.
    To those who have not watched Akatsuki no Yona, it is advised that you watch it before reading this if you do not want spoilers

LokiCastiel LokiCastiel Apr 25
Tsk tsk Yun. You don't have to give birth to a person to be a mother.
DreamerYumi DreamerYumi May 08
shin-ah is a cinnamon roll and is too pure for this tainted world-
                              oF COURSE HE'S CUTE
I am trying not be loud so i bit my hand holding in my laughter XD
If Zeno doesn't know her then the original Kinryuu might not have known Zeno either
ItoMatrix ItoMatrix Aug 19, 2016
When I couldn't find Yona fanfics on wattpad! I began growing stress hairs for a living!! Thank Kami for you you beauty!!!
Ferbigflufyunicorn Ferbigflufyunicorn Jun 23, 2016
Umm...i have a question...
                              Does this story is like an.... akatsuki no yona x reader fanfic?  Thanx,  i mean,  i not taking your time,  right? I like the story,  continue,  if you want....( perfect fluttershy actions xd)