Against the Code (Luke Skywalker X Reader)

Against the Code (Luke Skywalker X Reader)

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HAMILTON By Star_Wars_Fangirl_ Updated Aug 14

Being the kid who fought for the Rebel Alliance was hard. You fought on the battle of Hoth, and the battle of Endor, and even helped destroy the Death Star. 

While you were helping the Alliance, you met a certain Jedi: Luke Skywalker. You became friends instantly. You two were inseparable. However, you know you want to be more than friends, but you know Jedi aren't supposed to fall in love. Being around him is hard, so you start to avoid him. He thinks you're avoiding him because of what happened one day, but you keep your head low. You always knew Luke would remain your friend... But do you really think so?

*This was written before The Force Awakens! So, I'm sorry if things don't go along with the seventh movie*


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jelsa4 jelsa4 Aug 13
I think everyone here and by that I mean every fangirl and fan guy would agree
StarWars Clone Wars season 2:
                              *alarm noises*
                              Anakin: I'll take care of this Obi-wan, you go find your girlfriend.
                              Obi-wan: Alright su- wait, no! Anakin she's not my gir- *sigh*
Your father, the aliens, han, leia, ppl dying, planets, life, random things in space, junk, fighters.....etc...
Demigods, wizards, runners, fallers, people who know all about you....
josephine_lisiecki josephine_lisiecki Nov 01, 2016
That's like being an only-child and have your parents say: "Who's my favorite child? You are!"
Why on earth is she at Naboo, *shudder* 
                              ja ja  *shudder*... also what part in the timeline is this set?