Against the Code (Luke Skywalker X Reader)

Against the Code (Luke Skywalker X Reader)

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80's Trash By Star_Wars_Fangirl_ Updated 2 days ago

Being the kid who fought for the Rebel Alliance was hard. You fought on the battle of Hoth, and the battle of Endor, and even helped destroy the Death Star. 

While you were helping the Alliance, you met a certain Jedi: Luke Skywalker. You became friends instantly. You two were inseparable. However, you know you want to be more than friends, but you know Jedi aren't supposed to fall in love. Being around him is hard, so you start to avoid him. He thinks you're avoiding him because of what happened one day, but you keep your head low. You always knew Luke would remain your friend... But do you really think so?

*This was written before The Force Awakens! So, I'm sorry if things don't go along with the seventh movie*


RoseBrea RoseBrea Oct 10, 2016
She deleted all of the others.. fuuu it was getting good too
BluePearl22 BluePearl22 Nov 26, 2016
This was so cute and beautifully written, I really liked it! You wrote Luke's characters perfectly too! Awesome! :)
Demigods, wizards, runners, fallers, people who know all about you....
RusticRose RusticRose Oct 06, 2016
Wasn't this book like a lot of chapters? Did you delete them?
kirima_lisiecki kirima_lisiecki Oct 02, 2016
"Hate it when you enter... without telling me first... " That's what she said
Ayano_Jackson Ayano_Jackson Oct 02, 2016
YOU SIR SIT ON A THRONE OF LIES! *points to throne*
                              Luke: But it's occupied
                              Me: what? *looks and sees Crowley sitting in it* EXCUSE YOU! THAT IS LUKE'S THRONE GO BACK TO THE THRONE OF HELL