Safe Haven

Safe Haven

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Lacey Rosa By AllOfTheLittlePeople Updated May 31, 2017

She wanted to leave. She had to leave. She had to get away from him. He was becoming violent. Not only mentally, but physically as well. It was the second time he had hit her when she decided it was time to go. The poor child, only 9 years old and she's felt so much pain. Such a young kid isn't supposed to cry by herself over her mothers death. But she did. She cried all alone, in the rain. Her father ignored his child. He had changed. And it was all her fault, in his mind.

Lucy was only 8 years old when her mother passed. Layla Heartfilia. She was ill and knew she had to go sometime. And when she did, Lucy's dad changed. And she didn't realize how much he's changed until the first time her laid his hand on her. Lucy slowly began to fear her once loved father.

With a past as terrible as this, Lucy thought no one would understand her. Not only that, but that no one would like her. Although she wished to run away, she didn't know where she'd go, until she found a letter her mother had wrote for her before she passed. It had a place for Lucy to go. Though, this note was for when Lucy was old enough. And she wasn't. But she went anyways.

She traveled far. Real far. Town after town, she felt they were all too close. Her travels came to an end when she found a guild. Fairy Tail. The one her mother had sent her off to. 

Lucy never had felt so loved like the way she did when she entered the guild. It was the first time in a while that she felt at home. She had new friends, new parent figures, and, to her surprise, a lover.

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ShippingGoddess0809 ShippingGoddess0809 Jul 08, 2016
I love Grammi and if im not mistaken (spoiler) she's brandish's mom!!
InsanityDragon2003 InsanityDragon2003 Dec 08, 2016
......I say stuff like that and I'm not even close to sounding british
addisonthompson714 addisonthompson714 Apr 15, 2016
ѕтαятє∂ ¢яуιиg σи тнιѕ єχα¢т ℓιиє...
totallynotnormal8109 totallynotnormal8109 Apr 02, 2016
Lol I bet the note's gonna be like,
                              Dear father,
                              F'uck this sh'it, I'm out
                              F'uck this sh'it,I'm out
                              You know what the f'uck just happened
                              But you never really care
                              So I'm get the f'uck outta here
                              F'uck this sh'it I'm out
yourlocalchipbag yourlocalchipbag Jan 22, 2016
I was reading the info on the front of this book and it said Lucy's moms name was Layla. And I forgot it was and o fangirled thinking it was my name XD
TheWolfGoddess TheWolfGoddess Jan 16, 2016
I just remembered that "jewel" is the name of their currency..... I feel dumb thinking they actually meant jewels like emeralds and stuff XD