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❤~The Psychopath And His Princess~❤{(boyxboy) MikaYuu (Yaoi Thug AU)}

❤~The Psychopath And His Princess~❤{(boyxboy) MikaYuu (Yaoi Thug AU)}

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Killua is Gon's Kitty Cat~♥♡♥I am Black and beautiful <(⊙ω⊙✿)kawaii✔[B-daman_Crasher.Mel] __B-daman ∩(︶▽︶)∩ respect__♣Mika x Yuu♣ MY GAY BABIES!(灬ºωº灬)❤ By B-Daman_lover4ever Updated Jun 02

"Even the innocent have two faces." Yuu thought just as his Life was about to change in a matter of seconds. Going from a normal High school student working at Starbucks to the son of a world wide famous thug lord.
  All words you think might describe Mika, an alpha in gang Bloodsuckers. His actions might be barbaric but he only kills for, His Yuu-chan, his lover, his SON. The only man, Mika is living for! All stolen away before Yuu could keep memory of the fact Mika was his daddy. To make matters worst Ferids wants his pay off and everyone wants a piece of getting in Omega Yuu's nice plush fat ass. But Mika ain't down for dat shit, he'll protect his son's virginty to his very last breath. No matter what happens when the birds shower let the streets have it. Mika's sick crew, Rene and Lacus are his home boys always down for a ride or die. 
  But time is running out...What happens when all secrets become revealed?
  Who's the man behind the mask?
  Is the feelings that Yuu thought he had really for another guy, or is Mika the same guy?
  "I don't hate insanity, I enjoy every minute of it." The blonde said with a sly smirk his eyes flickering bloody red and kissing the sleeping raven's head in his lap humming, "You like your Big Daddy Mika like this.....don't you, Yuu-chan?"
  Even with eyes locked tight, Yuu shuttered that evil monster that laid inside Mika was back and wasn't going away without a fight. Yuuirichou would save his lover, even if it costed him his life.
  Yet what was his life?
  Was it even his own?
  Or was he simply a display piece of property, like every child a slave to their master parent until they turn 18?
  The truth hurt, just like facts, a dramatic tragic thug love story based in Yuu's POV. 
  {smutt, daddy kink, Disclaimer: I don't own the pictures used or Seraph of the end cause it would be more gayer than it already is?}

JessKIC JessKIC May 10
Dude, right in the middle of a fight with a killer. 
                              To be honest, I would think about cereal to in this situation. 😂
LMAOOO honestly STOP big boobs are not nice to live with at all tbh so DONT COMPLAIN small titties are adorable on girls big boobs are a pain in the ARSE believe mee
167890a 167890a Feb 19
YUU WHY YOU DO DIS TO ME *cries and cover nonexistant boobs*