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Reva By Shrimpington Updated Oct 16, 2016

Percy Jackson was tossed out of Camp Half-Blood after being cheated on, and betrayed by all. No one believed he was innocent. Not a single being. No one.

Not even his father. Sally and Paul were dead, supposedly murdered by him. So the gods voted to kill him. And of course no one objected. He was unwanted. 

100 years later, everyone had been made immortal. The Seven, all the campers from the giant war, everyone. The second you walk into Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter, you become immortal if you are a demigod, or someone with a sworn alliance to Olympus. Everyone still hates the innocent hero. 

Another century later, the Hunt has been attacked. They barely survive, with their numbers decreased to a third of before, and all of the survivors, including the goddess herself, hospitalized in Apollo's palace. 

The council decides the Hunt needs a guardian. As they try to determine who to pick, an unexpected visitor chooses for them. Chaos. She chooses someone very special, but someone whose identity is a secret to everyone but him. A hero with a heart of gold, a hero with a heart of steel, a hero more powerful and loyal than anyone else. A hero from the dead. 

That hero is Percy Jackson.

beastpunch beastpunch Aug 26, 2016
I know Percy is loyal but I thought you would make him a little aggressive
umayma2015 umayma2015 Nov 12, 2016
Um...was that intentional? Cause I just had milk come out of my nose from laughing!
fangirlIam fangirlIam Aug 31, 2016
Best typo EVER.  Like, I laughed so hard it looked like I was a freak out of the mental hospital. Yep,that hard.
rikukid55 rikukid55 Jan 18
Its so obvious you said you recognized his voice from long ago yet there was only one male you cared to familiarize yourself with and she said she resurrected him meaning you probably knew him i mean seriously you are a bunch of gods danged idiots
XxMagic_PrincessxX XxMagic_PrincessxX Oct 22, 2016
DAM!! That has to the now worst actions that Poseidon has done to Percy.
fangirlIam fangirlIam Aug 31, 2016
I just read the summary... Dang,compared to mines, yours are As and mines are s#¡t.