Short horror stories

Short horror stories

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lady paula By ladellepaula Updated Dec 04, 2015

Lei always see an old man passing by the house while they were packing their things because they were moving to another country.

He would always stop by the house, looks at Lei and walks away with an angry face but what bothers her is when she saw that he has blood dripping from his face.

She wonder why but she didnt tell her parents about it, she was still young at that time.

Years passed and she started to forget the man.

Now that she's already 18. 

She went back to were they lived when she was a kid, she wanted to get a bunch of things she left in their old house. 

She arrived late at night already and there she saw him. He was there. 

The man she saw with a bloody face but except now he was not angry, he had a smile on his face and he was carrying a knife with him.

He was walking towards her and the last thing she remembered he said to her was...

"I've waited long enough for you"
Author's note:
So hey guys! This is my first book in w...