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☆Willdip/Billdip One-Shots☆

☆Willdip/Billdip One-Shots☆

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GalaxyStars14 By GalaxyStars14 Completed

Kat: here's ur one-shot's guys I hope u injoy QwQ I try

Will sat in the living room with only his cat while crying,there's nobody to care for him. he secretly cut himself because of depression,bullies,and even loneliness,all because he was gay and a nerd and even he got rejected by his secretly crush,not even his brothers know what's was going on with will. but now he decided he had end himself and be to free of this torture. He grabs a chair and ropes then hang the rope on the ceiling and stands on the chair with the rope around his neck,he was about to jump until his door was kicked open. "will.....dont jump....please...." said his crush dipper Gleeful!!! "H-how D-D-did....u know.....???" will said in a sad shy voice "because I was watching u from your window...." as dipper said stepping slowly to will. "W-why...." "look....I didn't mean to hurt you" he said while silver tears falls. "please....will....I don't want to lose u....I'm s...

What a stalker any warning signs for will?
                              But still tears are starting to form in my eye balls *tears up and tries to dry them off*
KassandraEstes KassandraEstes Mar 20, 2016
"I was watching you from your window"
                              how are you only surprise?!
InternallyGross InternallyGross Mar 15, 2016
WOAH! You can't start a story with a suicide attempt without warning.
thecelestialangel thecelestialangel Mar 07, 2016
"I was watching you from your window"
                              I was laughing way to hard XD
Minna_Mox Minna_Mox Mar 09, 2016
"I was watching you from your window" 
                              Shouldn't Will be concerned instead
                              Of surprised?
TheGreatBeginning TheGreatBeginning Dec 30, 2015
Oh my the tears *waves hand to stop tears* (It don't work) oh thank the lord Dippers there for Will