The First Days Of Spring // Dan Howell

The First Days Of Spring // Dan Howell

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I wake up, and I don't immediately think of you.

 * * *

This is not a story about heartbreak. It's about what happens after.

Based on the album "The First Days Of Spring" by Noah And The Whale. Listen to it while you read for the best experience.

(not Phan, nor Dan's POV, just to clear that up)

Now a FEATURED story! Find sequel "Work It Out" on my profile.

Translations in the works:
"Primele zile de primăvară" by @toxicmuffin (Romanian)
"Los Primeros Días de Primavera" by @AgueRomero (Spanish)
"Os Primeiros Dias de Primavera" by @allmylifeofrock (Portuguese) 

(Lyrics at start of every chapter © Noah And The Whale)

This is so good! But I'm also listening to music that is kinda like this story, so the feels just hit me harder
taestiful taestiful Jul 18
I just came here to comment...
                              GO LISTEN TO SPRING DAY BY BTS
1: Phil is uncomfortable. Stop.
                              2: Never, under any circumstance, cancel film/movie night.
Can we pretend
                              To leave and then
                              We'll meet again 
                              When both our cars collide
Killjoy_5 Killjoy_5 Jul 11
No no no no nothing should ever make Phil uncomfortable and you, little girl that licked his face, I'm hunting you down
Killjoy_5 Killjoy_5 Jul 11
Cause I see you lying next to me
                              With words I thought I'd never speak
                              Awake and unafraid
                              Asleep or dead