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You Again

You Again

2M Reads 54.6K Votes 27 Part Story
Ansley By writeon27 Completed

When Reece Macpherson was thirteen, she fell in love.  Not with someone her own age but with her oldest brother's best friend, Kane Jackson, who was four years older than her.  But this wasn't just a one-sided thing.  He loved her, too. 
At least that's what she thought. 
Now four years later, Reece is 'little miss player' at school, going out with two or three different boys every week.  She was just looking to have fun and not commitment.  Ever since Kane broke her heart and moved all the way across the country to go to college and play basketball, Reece had never thought that love could be real.  
Reece never expected to see Kane again...until she walked into class after Christmas break of her senior year and found out that he was her new teacher and boys' basketball coach!  But teaching isn't the only reason why Kane came back...
And he's keeping a bigger secret than even Reece could have imagined.

Birkett894 Birkett894 Nov 21, 2016
I'm 13 my bro is 2 years older then me and I like him, I don't know what to do😔
dwightkshrutee dwightkshrutee Dec 19, 2016
finally a character that stands up for herself! i already love her
galaxiteblr galaxiteblr Nov 04, 2016
the title is ironic to me haha bc i've been adding random books to my library and i realised they're written by the same author 😂😂
TruthInScribe TruthInScribe Dec 21, 2016
I like the change (:
                              Those sorts of titles are kind of off-putting to me, and just don't seem to flow very well.
darklove234 darklove234 Nov 26, 2016
Yoooooo.... Dude OMG... This was exactly what happened a couple days ago! I'm 14 and he's almost 19..yooooo and he's leaving omgggg
whats_a_stiles whats_a_stiles 5 days ago
                              WELL WHAT ABOUT TRUST 
                              YOU KNOW I NEVER MEANT TO HURT YOU
                              I GOTTA GO BUT ILL MISS YOUUUU