Like Hurricanes

Like Hurricanes

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"Wild youth and lilac skies, I'm a drunken poet and she's so beautiful tonight."

Sixteen-year-old Pietro "Pit" is the cute goofy idiot who hangs out with the popular crowd. He's the guy that wears grandpa pants and flannels. He's the guy that failed sophomore year. With his reputation, that doesn't seem like a problem. But it is. Because Pit cares about everything and he always cares too much. 

Between crumbling friendships and the desire to fit in, Pit loses himself in the adrenaline of wild youth. But Noemi Defelice, his new classmate, might remind him that he isn't as average as he wants to seem. That if he wants, he can be a hurricane. 

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crapulets crapulets Jul 15
i'm re-reading and only now recalling how beautiful your writing is ❤️
This is my face after watching the trailer: (*^o^*)\(^o^)/
Midnight City - M83 hits me with so much nostalgia of being a confused, self-deprecating pre-teen. Now I'm a confused, self-deprecating teen.
Guy-uh. I've had this book Fearless and it's so precious coz its my first book and i bought it when i was 10 years old yeaaaah Gaia was the name of my first everything.
Just started and in love with this book already. Just the fact that it is set in Italy, somewhere different for a Change ❤️❤️